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About TradingBanks

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About TradingBanks

TradingBanks is an international forex broker with an offering of superb trading services for all its clients. We stand by transparency, client security and satisfaction. We aim to present our clients with all the opportunities offered by the forex industry and help them achieve their financial goals with unparalleled efficiency.

The company is led by a group of passionate professionals with deep knowledge and experience in the forex industry. We enable traders and investors across the world to thrive and realize their every ambition.

Our Mission

TradingBanks is devoted to provide a secure trading environment that benefits traders and investors of the global forex community. We aim to deliver sophisticated solutions that raise the standards of online forex trading.

We are driven to engage with our clients and make the industry better. Innovative technologies and state of the art equipment are core components of our implementation. TradingBanks helps customers effectively manage and diversify their portfolio in one of the most lucrative financial markets of the century.

Our main priority and commitment is to our clients and partners. We aim to create and maintain a high standard of customer support in order to provide the services that you deserve.

Reliable Trading Solutions

TradingBanks prides itself in the quality of the trading systems and solutions it provides to its clients and partners across the world. Our every step is focused on deploying the most efficient and low latency execution in order to set our clients ahead of the competition and provide a service of unmatched reliability and outstanding performance.

Since we established our company we have been committed to constantly enhance our software and internal infrastructure with the intention of maintaining our competitive offering for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

Superb Trading Conditions

TradingBanks, aims to be a guiding light for the progress of the forex industry and our team’s scope of initiative places a strong emphasis on market research and delivers the lowest spreads possible combined with unparalleled order execution.

TEach account we offer is specifically tailored to the meet the needs of a specific type of trader. We want to provide as much flexibility as possible for our clients and our accounts boast the most competitive features and benefits available to us.

Moreover, we strive to protect our customers’ investment and the first we take in this direction is keeping all clients’ funds separate from the company’s assets. Therefore, your funds are always protected even in the case of the company falling victim of unfavorable financial situations.

Secure & Segregated Accounts

TradingBanks takes account security very seriously. Security segregation is just one of our precautions to protect your account and your investment.

The funds that you invest with us will be safely deposited in reputable financial institutions of the highest international standard.